Oct 10

Update October 2013

It’s been ages since my last post and a lot has and hasn’t happened with my dream to create a business that combines my skills with two great passions of mine - golf and technology.

In the last 2 years both of my in-laws passed away, which was very traumatic for our family and a lot of things had to take a back-seat, including playing golf.

Although not able to play as much golf, I kept getting lessons and practicing at least once a week, and trying to help my 16yo son develop his game.  Finally I think I’m at the point where I know what I’m meant to be doing with my golf swing, and am aware of when I am and am not doing it.

My product development job became really interesting as we began development of an energy management service for commercial customers. I kept working on the concept for a range of app’s and learning IOS and Objective C in my spare time …and watching as much golf on TV as my family and timezones would allow.  

Right now I’m excited as changes at work are about to give me the opportunity to make my original vision a reality.  It’s an enormous challenge … I’m looking forward to it.

Nov 10

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Decided today that I need a blog to help support some stuff that I’m working on in future and provide a bit more background about me for anyone who’s interested.

About six weeks back I got interested in Twitter - mainly through reading a particular tweet by @ianjamespoulter and a few other golfers published in a free golf magazine.

Not long after that I also decided that I had a great idea for an iPhone app and realised I also had all the skills to design, write and market one.  I searched online and found a great article by the Guardian Technology section about how become an iPhone developer.  It told me all I had to do was get a Mac, learn objective-C and register with Apple as an iPhone developer.  I also found other resources recommending books to read such as “Big Nerd Ranch Guide" and "Programming in Objective C”.  Also found the book “Tapworthy" extremely useful -and it is available as an ebook on iTunes.

After a bit of research and many visits to the Apple Store I finally decided to buy a MacBook Pro 17” refurbished model with the HD screen and an iCore 5 processor. And I got all the books I need.  So great to be back to working on a MAC after 23 years or more working on PC’s with Windows.  Windows 7 is good but it’s nowhere near MAC.  Setting up my MacBook with the glowing keyboard late at night was easy and magical…

Now I’m in the process of going through the Big Nerd Ranch Guide and working on my app design.

The exciting thing is that this may be a chance for me to combine some skills I picked up over my working career with a passion. In this case GOLF, which I have recently come back to after nearly an 8 year break.  I would describe myself as an enthusiastic and determined golfer rather than good, natural and talented.  

The challenge for me is that I have to work at my game, my core strength and fitness and work around some long term musculo-skeletal issues related to being loose-jointed, a bicycle accident when I was ten and a working and study lifetime of bad posture habits that come from too much desk and computer work.

Also I only took up golf later in life (30’s) played for 3 or 4 years and never really got any consistency with my irons. But I fell deeply in love with the game and got down to a 19 handicap which at about a shot per hole was an enjoyable handicap to have as my late Grandmother told me.

My other passions came much earlier but more about them later. I won’t make any promises or predictions about what I might post here, just see where it takes me.